Whom can you complain about?


Complaints can be made about authorities and officials. Other persons who perform public functions can likewise be the subjects of complaints.

For example, authorities include:

  • courts of law 
  • state agncies and institutions
  • municipal bodies, such as municipal councils and boards

Officials include:

  • judges
  • police offices
  • distraint officers (bailiffs)
  • mayors
  • members of municipal councils
  • building inspectors
  • social workers
  • comprehensive school teachers
  • doctors at health centres

Other bodies discharging public functions include:

  • state, municipal and church employees
  • unemployment funds and insurance institutions when they take care of statutory compensation payments, subsidies and pensions
  • private individuals from whom municipalities purchase social welfare and health care services

By contrast, the Ombudsman's oversight does not include:

  • The Parliament of Finland nor its members
  • The Chancellor of Justice
  • foreign authorities
  • international organisations
  • non-profit associations
  • banks, other businesses or housing companies
  • members of professions, such as lawyers or doctors in private practice
  • private persons