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Long processing times in the Tax Administration in claims for a revised decision concerning income taxation of individuals customer
Police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
Services for the elderly inspected by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin during the coronavirus pandemic
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin gave decisions on child protection
Act on the Openness of Government Activities should be reformed
The Parliamentary Ombudsman will not investigate the actions of the police in the Elokapina demonstration
Detective Sergeant reprimanded over several irregularities
Numerous complaints about police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
The preventive powers of the police should be assessed
Legal problems related to the overseight of restrictions on mobility and gatherings
Deputy-Ombudsman concerned by the lack of guidelines for and supervision of elderly care
Greater effort on preventing and monitoring deaths in police custody
The rights and status of the victims of human trafficking to be strengthened through legal amendments
Pre-trial investigations concerning children to be conducted without delay
Several decisions by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin on employee vaccinations
More resources must be used in prevention of deaths in custody
Deputy-Ombudsman to investigate discriminatory service housing charges
Rights of placed children restricted without legal basis
Numerous problems in decision-making related to restrictive measures
Parliamentary Ombudsman and Human Rights Centre to continue enhancing the enforcement of the rights of elderly people
Human dignity of disabled person violated in a psychiatric ward
National Bureau of Investigation criticised for statement
An excessive workload among social workers is jeopardising the supervision of substitute care and the realisation of the rights of children outside the home
Breach of EU law in the sending of a vehicle tax demand note
Parking supervisor's decision was not based on due consideration
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin proposes clarification of the Postal Act
The Population Register Centre neglected the rights of the Sami
Repatriation of a child without a decision on a residence permit or removal from the country
Evaluating what is in the child’s interests in cases involving foreign nationals
Shortcomings in relation to access to information for relatives involved in the care of elderly persons
Radon measurements of public facilities require improvement
Hearing children about school holiday times
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin criticises Orthodox Church procedure for suspending a vicar from service
Deputy Ombudsman Maija Sakslin criticises two cities for their procedures for processing claims for damages
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin criticises children's hearings at foreign missions
Clarity for the rules on emergency housing
Undue delays in the pre-trial investigation of a minister's suspected offence
What kind of language skills should be required of police officers?
Closer supervision and guidelines needed for Taser use
A reprimand issued to the police concerning searches of domiciles
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin: Tax administration has overridden customer rights