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Content with Year case was opened 2015 .

Mikko Sarja continues as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2020 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
Wheelchair-accessible voting is becoming more common
Police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives record number of complaints in 2020
Matti Marttunen nominated as Secretary General of the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
National Police Board interpreted assembly restrictions too broadly
Act on the Openness of Government Activities should be reformed
The Parliamentary Ombudsman will not investigate the actions of the police in the Elokapina demonstration
Names of Government projects must be given in national languages
Criminal proceedings of offences against children should be prescribed urgent in law
Detective Sergeant reprimanded over several irregularities
Numerous complaints about police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has stopped using the parallel name ‘Väylä’, which was criticised by the Parliamentary Ombudsman
The preventive powers of the police should be assessed
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2019 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
Legal problems related to the overseight of restrictions on mobility and gatherings
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives a large number of complaints related to the state of emergency
The Parliamentary Ombudsman has nominated a new Human Rights Delegation
Greater effort on preventing and monitoring deaths in police custody
Record number of complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsman in 2019
‘A status’ has again been awarded to the Finnish National Human Rights Institution
Sirpa Rautio to continue as Director of the Human Rights Centre
Ombudsman criticises the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ administrative branch names nimiä
No-Harm Center given names in Finland’s national languages
National languages are not treated equally on the new badges of security authorities
Pre-trial investigations concerning children to be conducted without delay
A municipality violated a teacher’s freedom of speech
More resources must be used in prevention of deaths in custody
Serious deficiencies in accessibility - polling stations were not accessible for wheelchairs
National Bureau of Investigation criticised for statement
Cage beds must be abandoned in care of disabled people
False information provided to Parliamentary Ombudsman – prison director and assistant director committed an offence
Deficiencies still found in securing the secrecy of the polls - Parliamentary Ombudsman carried out surprise inspections at advance polling stations
Mikko Sarja appointed as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin criticises children's hearings at foreign missions
Faulty data system has led to erroneous payment default entries - Parliamentary Ombudsman considers the system fault is serious
Severe delays in Kela's telephone service
City of Vantaa violated graffiti artists' freedom of speech
Deficiencies in securing the secrecy of the polls
Parliamentary Ombudsman: Prime Minister was not disqualified in the Terrafame matter
Nearly 5,000 complaints received again by the Ombudsman
A reprimand to the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory for their telephone advice in violation of the law
What kind of language skills should be required of police officers?
Parliamentary ombudsman issues a prosecution order
A reprimand issued to the ministry of finance for the treatment of a journalist
National conciliator tweeted on labour dispute talks
Closer supervision and guidelines needed for Taser use
Costs of treating injuries caused by accidents at school should be paid directly by the municipality
Parliamentary ombudsman submitted his annual report 2015 to speaker of parliament
Parliamentary Ombudsman issued a reprimand for negligence related to restraining a patient
A reprimand issued to the police concerning searches of domiciles