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Content with Administrative branch Police .

No one can be found to execute court judgement ordering destruction of dangerous animal
Helsinki Social Welfare Department applied act incorrectly
Compensation for unfounded deprivations of liberty
Tasks that assist taxation should be statutorily regulated
Deputy-Ombudsman examining methods used by fifteen municipalities
Decision by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin leads to tax refunds
Council decision on smoking by personnel was implemented unlawfully
Prosecution ordered by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin led to distraint officer being fined
Police should not have destroyed evidence before trial
Helsinki provides additional night shelters for homeless
Deputy-ombudsman Sakslin urges expedition of measures to improve status of children that have come to Finland unaccompanied
Kokkola acted incorrectly in supporting the campaign of some candidates in the 2007 general election
Police services rebuked for errors in house searches
Recruitement ban imposed by city of Tampere was contrary to equal treatment and non-discrimination
A house search may not be conducted in secret
Police acted contrary to law when prohibiting wearing of gang vest
Minister Enestam was not misled in drafting of wastewater decree
Deputy-Ombudsman: Nothing to criticise in non-VAT vehicle tax rebates
Two chief superintendents acted unlawfully in arresting demonstrators