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Putting all conscripts on the same start line
Deputy Ombudsman Sakslin investigates the actions of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs in the car tax issue
Deputy-Ombudsman: Donation received by the police is open to question
Police chief reprimanded for his comments to the media
Deputy-Ombudsman reprehends ARA on two accounts
Rounding of the public broadcasting tax a problem for those on low incomes
Mother tongue recorded in population register does not alone decide entitlement to day care in the Sámi language
Granting civil servants leave of absence to work or mining companies can jeopardise trust in impartiality
A municipality must provide basic education for all children living there
Room for improvement found in police permit services
Using a dog to seek drugs in a public place is not permitted
Police permit services must be accessible without having to make an appointment
Bn on taking snus at workplaces not founded in an act
Officer in charge of investigation must decide on release of information
Helsinki Art Museum's directors impartiality was jeopardised in preparatory work for Guggenheim project
Police must improve their oversight of the private security sector
The police should improve their guidelines for preventing child abductions
Granting permission for scrap vessel Onyx to leave did not breach Finland's international obligations
A municipality's services must safeguard fundamental rights
TV news in Sámi should be broadcast at better time
Amendment to coercive measures act does not provide sufficient protection under the law in house searches
A tax refund must not be distrained without a notification to the debtor
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin requests reports on care services for the elderly in Espoo