International cooperation by the Ombudsmen

Ombudsmen have been cooperating globally since 1978, when the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) was founded in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.The I.O.I. Heaqquarters is in Vienna.

The tasks of the Institute include promoting the spread of the ombudsman institution, developing exchanges of information and experience by arranging international and regional conferences of ombudsmen.

The Institute also strives to promote training and research as well as disseminate the results of research into the ombudsman institution.

> The International Ombudsman Institute

European cooperation

The ombudsmen of Europe have gathered at such forums as the Council of Europe's Round Table for the Ombudsmen conferences. Ombudsmen from the European Union's member states maintain regular contact with the European Ombudsman.

>I.O.I. European region

Cooperation is also carried on between the Nordic ombudsmen as well as between their counterparts in the three Baltic States and the other countries around the Baltic Sea.

In addition to this, bilateral cooperation is conducted between Finland and neighbouring countries.