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Prosecution ordered by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin led to distraint officer being fined

The Kanta-Häme District Court has fined a district court distraint officer for a breach of official duty in an eviction case in which Deputy-Ombudsman Maija Sakslin had earlier ordered a prosecution.

The distraint officer was not himself present when the eviction was carried out, although he should have been there to evaluate the property. He had only ascertained the nature and value of the property on the premises over the phone from the person who had applied for the eviction. After that, he had allowed the eviction applicant to do what he wanted with the property in the dwelling.

The distraint officer should not have given such permission without himself seeing and evaluating the property. In addition, the protocol of the eviction that the distraint officer had drafted had contained incorrect and misleading information. 

Additional info will be provided by Legal Adviser Terhi Arjola-Sarja, tel. + 358(0)9 4321