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Pasi Pölönen appointed substitute Deputy-Ombudsman

Parliamentary Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen has today appointed Doctor of Laws, LL.B with court training, Docent Pasi Pölönen, born1972, as a substitute Deputy-Ombudsman for the term 15.12.2011–14.12.2015.  Dr. Pölönen is a senior legal adviser in the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman chooses a substitute Deputy-Ombudsman for a maximum term of four years having first received the opinion of the Constitutional Law Committee on the matter.

The substitute can perform the duties of a Deputy-Ombudsman who is prevented from doing so or if a post is vacant. According to the Constitution, the provisions that apply to the Ombudsman apply mutatis mutandis also to a substitute Deputy-Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman decides when to ask a substitute to perform a Deputy-Ombudsman’s tasks.