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Human Rights Delegation broad and diverse in composition

In a decision announced on 29.3.2012, Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen appointed a Human Rights Delegation, which has the maximum membership of 40, for the Human Rights Centre. The Delegation has a broad and diverse composition and will serve for a four-year term. Its Chair is Sirpa Rautio, who is the Director of the Human Rights Centre.

The Human Rights Centre, which operates under the aegis of the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman and began its work at the beginning of the year, has a Human Rights Delegation, the 20 – 40 members of which represent civil society, research into fundamental and human rights as well as other bodies that play a role in promoting and safeguarding these rights.

The Delegation is tasked with handling fundamental and human rights matters that are far-reaching and important in principle and each year approving the Human Rights Centre’s operational plan and annual report. It also functions as the national cooperative body for actors in the sector of fundamental and human rights.

To organise its activities, the Delegation may have a work committee and sections. The first meeting of the Delegation took place in April.

The aim of the Human Rights Centre is to promote fundamental and human rights. The intention is that the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the Human Rights Centre and the Human Rights Delegation will together constitute a national human rights institution in accordance with the so-called Paris Principles.

Members of the Human Rights Delegation and the bodies they represent 1.4.2012 – 31.3.2016:

1. Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman Maija Sakslin
2. Secretary General Kimmo Hakonen, Office of the Chancellor of Justice
3. Ombudsman for Minorities Eva Biaudet
4. Ombudsman for Equality Pirkko Mäkinen
5. Data Protection Ombudsman Reijo Aarnio
6. Ombudsman for Children Maria Kaisa Aula
7. Chair Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi, Sámi Parliament
8. Chair Liisa Murto, Finnish League for Human Rights
9. Lawyer Aiman Mroueh, Refugee Advice Centre
10. Legal Adviser Tiina Valonen, Amnesty International, Finnish section
11. Secretary General Kristiina Kumpula, Finnish Red Cross
12. Deputy Chair Ilkka Kantola, UN Association of Finland
13. Chair Pentti Arajärvi, Central Union for Child Welfare
14. Acting Development manager Mirella Huttunen, Finnish Youth Cooperation - Allianssi
15. Deputy Chair Helena Ranta, National Council of Women of Finland
16. Secretary General Aija Salo, Seta (LGBTI organisation)
17. Organisation manager Göran Johansson, Central Association for Mental Health
18. Executive Director, Board Member Kalle Könkkölä, Kynnys, the Threshold Association, Centre for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities VIKE (Invalidiliitto, the Association of People with Physical Disabilities and Kynnys), Handicap Forum
19. Chair Henna Huttu, Fintiko Romano Forum – Finland’s Roma Forum.
20. Chair Abdirahid Dirie, Somali League
21. Executive Director Petr Potchinchtchikov, Federation of Associations of Russian-speakers FARO
22. Programme Manager Inka Hetemäki, UNICEF Finland
23. Head of Unit Petri Merenlahti, Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland
24. Secretary General Esa Ylikoski, Union of Freethinkers
25. Lawyer Jouko Pelkonen, Finnish Bar Association
26. Executive Director Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Association for Nature Conservation
27. Lawyer Ida Staffans, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
28. Chair Astrid Thors, Advisory Committee on International Human Rights
29. Hamed Shafae, Member, Advisory Committee on Ethnic Relations
30. Deputy Chair Väinö Lindberg, Advisory Board on Romani Affairs
31. Executive Director, Deputy Chair Markku Jokinen, National Council on Disability VANE, Association of the Deaf
32. Chair Jukka Relander, Delegation for Equality
33. Chair Jouni Mykkänen, Advisory Board on Senior Citizens’ and Pension Affairs
34. Deputy Chair Pirkko Nuolijärvi, Advisory Board on the Language Act
35. Researcher Sami Myllyniemi, Advisory Council for Youth Affairs
36. Chair Liisa Heinonen, ILO Advisory Board
37. Academy Professor Kaarlo Tuori, University of Helsinki
38. Professor Elina Pirjatanniemi, Åbo Akademi, University of Turku, Swedish Assembly of Finland
39. Research Professor, Director Timo Koivurova, University of Lapland, Northern Institute of Environmental and Minority Law
40. Riitta Ollila, Public Member, Council for Mass Media

Experts for Human Rights Centre appointed

Kristiina Kouros, M. Pol. Sc., and Leena Leikas, LL.B with court training, have been appointed to the vacant posts for experts at the Human Rights Centre. They began their work in May.

Additional info will be provided by Secretary General Päivi Romanov, tel. + 358(0)9 432 3333 and Director Sirpa Rautio, tel. + 358(0)9 432 3780.