Supervising children's rights is an important part of the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s work

The Parliament has asked the Ombudsman to take children’s rights into account when assessing all actions by the authorities that have impacts on children.

Complaints about child welfare 

The Ombudsman investigates some 300 complaints associated with children a year. They frequently concern child welfare authorities. 
Children's rights often also come up in issues related to health care, education, the police and courts.

Inspections at schools and institutions

The Ombudsman inspects such institutions as day care providers, schools, reform schools and child protection units. 
On these inspections, the Ombudsman pays particular attention to the conditions of the children in the institutions.

Are you worried about a child?

If you are worried about a child or a young person, you can make a complaint to the Ombudsman in a matter that concerns the child. You can also complain on behalf of a child. 
However, the Ombudsman can only disclose confidential information about a child to the interested parties.

More information available online or from the Office

The Ombudsman’s website contains additional information on how and about what you can complain and how a complaint is processed. 
The page also contains a complaint form.
A child or young person aged under 18 can also make a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.
More information on the website
More information from the Office
Complaint form
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