You can find us in Pikkuparlamentti building in Helsinki

The Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman is in the building beside the Parliament, or Pikkuparlamentti, in Helsinki.
Mailing address
Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman 00102 Eduskunta
Visiting address
Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Arkadiankatu 3, 1st floor
Helsinki 10
Opening hours Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The entrance is accessible.
You will go through a security check in the downstairs lobby.
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Telephone and e-mail

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+358 (0)9 4321  (exchange of the Parliament)
Registry of the Office
+358 (0)9 432 3381


Secure e-mail

(for secret and private matters)
In the To field, type:

Any questions?

Have you any questions about making a complaint?

Contact the lawyer at the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman and ask for advice, tel. +358 (0)9 4321  (exchange of the Parliament). 
If you would like to talk to the lawyer in person, telephone or e-mail to ask for an appointment:
The lawyer will not give advice on other things besides complaints. He or she cannot tell you in advance what the end result of the complaint will be.

Would you like to know what is happening with your complaint? 

If you have made a complaint and would like to know how far it has progressed, call the Registry of the Office, tel. +358 (0)9 432 3381

Do you need to send documents to the Office?

You can send us documents related to your complaint by post or attach them to your e-mail or complaint form.
the protected e-mail if you are sending documents with information that is secret or otherwise private (for example information about your health). In the To field, type:


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