The Ombudsman oversees the legality of actions taken by the authorities, primarily by investigating complaints received.

Investigations and inspections

Illegalities or shortcomings can also come to the Ombudsman's attention through other channels. In such cases, he can take matters under investigation on his own initiative.

The Ombudsman also conducts on-site investigations in public offices and institutions. He has a special duty to make regular inspection visits to prisons and other institutions, such as psychiatric hospitals, in which persons can be confined against their will. Other places visited are units of the Defence Forces and Border Guard.

In his work, the Ombudsman concentrates on promoting fundamental and human rights. Additionally, when he makes presentations, issues statements or writes articles, he emphasises the importance of these rights in the performance of public tasks and legislative drafting.

Other activities

The Ombudsman actively provides the public with information about his activities.

The instruments of communication used are public service and advice, press releases, this website, Twitter and Facebook, as well as printed brochures and the annual report. The publications are also available as PDF files on this website.

Ombudsmen in different countries cooperate on a regular basis. In Finland, the Ombudsman maintains contact with major non-governmental organisations.