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The Ombudsman has the task of providing oversight to ensure that authorities and officials observe the law and carry out their duties.

In addition to authorities and officials, the scope of the Ombudsman's oversight includes also others that perform tasks of a public nature.

Special attention

The Ombudsman pays special attention to the implementation of fundamental and human rights.

Another special focus is on the manner in which the police employ coercive measures affecting telecommunications and their carrying out of undercover operations.

The Eduskunta has likewise requested that special attention be paid to the implementation of children's rights.

The Ombudsman oversees compliance with the law mainly by examining the complaints that are received. He can also intervene in perceived shortcomings on his own initiative.

In addition, the Ombudsman carries out inspections at offices and institutions, especially prisons, military garrisons and other closed institutions.

This enables him to oversee the treatment of prisoners, persons confined to institutions, conscripts doing their national service and peacekeeping personnel.

The tasks of the Ombudsman are defined in the Constitution and in the Parliamentary Ombudsman Act.