Press releases

TE Office was not able to process unemployment benefit matters within the prescribed deadline 
The ombudsman inspected the private security sector and its oversight 
Social assistance must be granted on the basis of the client's actual disposable income 
Jari Råman appointed as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
Parliamentary Ombudsman submitted Annual Report 2022 to Deputy Speaker of Parliament  
Mikko Sarja new Deputy Ombudsman
Deficiencies in arrangements for advance voting and voting at special advance voting facilities found in unannounced inspections
Patients with schizophrenia are not provided with statutory social services
Serious shortcomings in the terminal and postoperative care of older people
Pupils have the right to receive special needs education regardless of the place of education or the teaching group
There are many reasons for the duration of pre-trial investigations but only few ways to improve them
Legal issues with police body camera procedures 
Upcoming change in the division of duties between the supreme overseers of legality 
A reprimand from the Ombudsman to the National Police Board 
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2021 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
FinnHems Oy’s medical helicopter operations should be regulated by law 
Delays in passport and identity card applications may compromise the realisation of fundamental rights
Children’s right to early childhood education and care must be safeguarded equally 
Jari Råman appointed Secretary General of the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman