Complaints to the Ombudsman

You can file a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman if you feel that a public authority or an official has not observed the law or fulfilled a duty, or if the complainant suspects that fundamental and human rights have not been appropriately implemented.

Other bodies and officials are likewise subject to the Ombudsman's oversight when they perform tasks of a public nature.

You can complain in a matter concerning yourself, but a complaint can also be made on behalf of someone else or together with others. 

The Ombudsman investigates a complaint if it gives ground for the suspicion that an authority or official has acted unlawfully. The Ombudsman does not investigate anonymous complaints.

There is no fee for investigating a complaint. An average time to deal with a complaint is up to one year. If a thorough investigation is not needed, you will usually get a reply within three months. 

Before filing a complaint

Before filing a complaint, it is often advisable to get in direct contact with the authority that you feel has acted unlawfully. That in itself can sometimes lead to a swift resolution of the problem.

Principles of data protection in the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman