Press releases

Functional review of the Cypriot Ombudsman by the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman
Two reprimands issued by the Parliamentary Ombudsman in guardianship matters
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin: Tax administration has overridden customer rights
A reprimand to the Finnish National Board of Education for Hymn Quiz arrangements in comprehensive schools
Potential gifts should be anticipated whne preparing for ministerial visits
A hospital violated the human dignity and freedom of a patient locked up in a secure room
Deputy-Ombudsman: Faculty of Medicine at Helsinki University favours students with advanced syllabus in Swedish
A teacher's freedom of speech was violated by the municipality
Putting all conscripts on the same start line
Shortcomings in accessibility and protecting the secrecy of the ballot
Deputy Ombudsman Sakslin investigates the actions of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs in the car tax issue
Upward trend in complaints broken - number of inspections increased
Deputy-Ombudsman: Donation received by the police is open to question
Urgent dental care of a severely disabled patient was neglected
Police chief reprimanded for his comments to the media