Press releases

Clarity for the rules on emergency housing
City of Vantaa violated graffiti artists' freedom of speech
Parliamentary Ombudsman issues a proposal for redress to Kela
Deficiencies in securing the secrecy of the polls
Kela reprimanded for delaying social assistance processing
Is the applicants' legal protection secured in the electronic pre-selection examination of polytechnics?
Legal protection tested by recent Kela matters
Undue delays in the pre-trial investigation of a minister's suspected offence
Parliamentary Ombudsman: Prime Minister was not disqualified in the Terrafame matter
Serious breaches of legislation uncovered in Mikkeli Prison
Nearly 5,000 complaints received again by the Ombudsman
A reprimand to the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory for their telephone advice in violation of the law
What kind of language skills should be required of police officers?
Have conscripts been abandoned in the benefit quagmire?
Parliamentary ombudsman issues a prosecution order
A reprimand issued to the ministry of finance for the treatment of a journalist
How should the transport of prisoners be organised?
National conciliator tweeted on labour dispute talks
Closer supervision and guidelines needed for Taser use
Costs of treating injuries caused by accidents at school should be paid directly by the municipality
Parliamentary ombudsman submitted his annual report 2015 to speaker of parliament
Parliamentary Ombudsman issued a reprimand for negligence related to restraining a patient
A reprimand issued to the police concerning searches of domiciles