Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2012 .

Mother tongue recorded in population register does not alone decide entitlement to day care in the Sámi language
Granting civil servants leave of absence to work or mining companies can jeopardise trust in impartiality
A municipality must provide basic education for all children living there
Using a dog to seek drugs in a public place is not permitted
Finnish Transport Agency acted contrary to the principle of preservation of trust
Ombudsman: The abbreviation "ELY-central" is not appropriate
Patient operated on against her will
Ombudsman concerned about protection under the law for actors in the construction sector
Record year in the work of the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland
Police permit services must be accessible without having to make an appointment
On-call dental services have still not been arranged
Bn on taking snus at workplaces not founded in an act
Officer in charge of investigation must decide on release of information
Helsinki Art Museum's directors impartiality was jeopardised in preparatory work for Guggenheim project
Press release: Ombudsman requests reports in CIA rendition flights case
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin requests reports on care services for the elderly in Espoo
Maija Sakslin to head European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Serious problems and legally unclear issues in privatised interest representation services
Ombudsman: Prevention of prisoner suicides urgently demands guidelines
Ombudsman presents his annual report for 2011 to the speaker of the Eduskunta
Deputy-Ombudsman examining methods used by fifteen municipalities
Human Rights Delegation broad and diverse in composition
Helsinki provides additional night shelters for homeless