Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2011 .

Ombudsman believes that status of security guards in psychiatric hospitals should be clarified
Helsinki Metro not subject to any external oversight
Mechanical medication dispending must not cause additional costs for the patient
A patient is entitled to a medicine that has been approved for treating their illness
The police should improve their guidelines for preventing child abductions
Municipalities have unlawfully limited distribution of treatment supplies
A municipality's services must safeguard fundamental rights
Health centre violated patient's personal liberty
Amendment to coercive measures act does not provide sufficient protection under the law in house searches
A tax refund must not be distrained without a notification to the debtor
Unemployment funds must transparently provide information about their membership alternatives
City of Jyväskylä and service provider rebuked by Ombudsman
Tasks that assist taxation should be statutorily regulated
Defence Forces took unduly long to correct wage-payment system
Prosecution ordered by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin led to distraint officer being fined
Ombudsman decided on nearly 4,500 complaints last year
Pasi Pölönen appointed substitute Deputy-Ombudsman
Ms Sirpa Rautio appointed director of the Human Rights Centre
Police services rebuked for errors in house searches