Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2010 .

Observation jumpsuits are an intervention in prisoner's fundamental rights
Police must improve their oversight of the private security sector
Granting permission for scrap vessel Onyx to leave did not breach Finland's international obligations
TV news in Sámi should be broadcast at better time
Economic reasons do not lessen a municipality's responsibility
Research centre violated two of its researcher's freedom of speech
Digitisation of letter post is legally problematic
No one can be found to execute court judgement ordering destruction of dangerous animal
Helsinki Social Welfare Department applied act incorrectly
Compensation for unfounded deprivations of liberty
Even-handedness must be observed in airport security checks
An authority must provide information about changes in care location
Council decision on smoking by personnel was implemented unlawfully
Police should not have destroyed evidence before trial
Follow-up checks belong to public health care
Deputy-ombudsman Sakslin urges expedition of measures to improve status of children that have come to Finland unaccompanied
Establishment of Human Rights Centre a historic reform
Åland Government interpreted the region's Administrative Procedure Act incorrectly
Education authority can pay compensation for comprehensive school pupil's missing shoes for reasons of fairness
A authority must present itself under it's own name
Ombudsman recommends recompense for delay in judicial review of mental health case
Recruitement ban imposed by city of Tampere was contrary to equal treatment and non-discrimination
A house search may not be conducted in secret