Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2009 .

Decision by Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin leads to tax refunds
Need for clear guidelines on the language in which patient records ara drafted
Kokkola acted incorrectly in supporting the campaign of some candidates in the 2007 general election
Overcrowding an impediment to implementing remand custody in Vantaa Prison
Court security checks must not jeopardise protection of privacy
Police acted contrary to law when prohibiting wearing of gang vest
Church can not require an IT expert to be one of its members
Patient's treatment in isolation room violated human dignity
Deputy-Ombudsman: Nothing to criticise in non-VAT vehicle tax rebates
Authorities still unlawfully charging for telephone advice
Parking supervisors do not have official badges, although these have been required since as long ago as 1970
The Firearms Act should be revised
Treatment Guarantee applies also to Student's Health Care Foundation
University of Helsinki's specialist dentist training is contrary to Decree
Shortcomings in handling and storage of corpses
School's intoxicant-free programme places pupils in unequal positions
The right to supervise parking can not be given to private persons
Patients had to wait too long for cataract operation
Municipalities should have complied with the Government Decree on swine flu vaccinations
Duty officer at Emergency response centre behaved inappropriately during an emergency call
Åland regional government and the head of its police unit released secret information into the public domain
Legal position of supply doctors unclear
Times taken by unemployment funds to process benefit applications have shortened
Safeguarding the fundamental and human rights of aged people receiving round-the-clock care