Press releases

Content with Administrative branch Police .

The ombudsman inspected the private security sector and its oversight 
There are many reasons for the duration of pre-trial investigations but only few ways to improve them
Legal issues with police body camera procedures 
Delays in passport and identity card applications may compromise the realisation of fundamental rights
Police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
Act on the Openness of Government Activities should be reformed
The Parliamentary Ombudsman will not investigate the actions of the police in the Elokapina demonstration
Detective Sergeant reprimanded over several irregularities
Numerous complaints about police activities in the Black Lives Matter demonstration
The preventive powers of the police should be assessed
Legal problems related to the overseight of restrictions on mobility and gatherings
Greater effort on preventing and monitoring deaths in police custody
Pre-trial investigations concerning children to be conducted without delay
More resources must be used in prevention of deaths in custody
National Bureau of Investigation criticised for statement
Undue delays in the pre-trial investigation of a minister's suspected offence
What kind of language skills should be required of police officers?
Closer supervision and guidelines needed for Taser use
A reprimand issued to the police concerning searches of domiciles
Deputy-Ombudsman: Donation received by the police is open to question
Police chief reprimanded for his comments to the media
Room for improvement found in police permit services
Using a dog to seek drugs in a public place is not permitted
Police permit services must be accessible without having to make an appointment
Officer in charge of investigation must decide on release of information
Police must improve their oversight of the private security sector
The police should improve their guidelines for preventing child abductions
Amendment to coercive measures act does not provide sufficient protection under the law in house searches
No one can be found to execute court judgement ordering destruction of dangerous animal
Compensation for unfounded deprivations of liberty
Police should not have destroyed evidence before trial
Police services rebuked for errors in house searches