Press releases

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Pupils have the right to receive special needs education regardless of the place of education or the teaching group
Children’s right to early childhood education and care must be safeguarded equally 
Universities did not act unlawfully when changing student admission criteria in spring 2020
Shortcomings endangering pupils’ legal protection in municipal decision-making
Freedom of religion at school
Non-discrimination must be ensured for persons with disabilities when arranging matriculation examinations
The state of emergency and education
The wide range of practices used by municipalities jeopardises the free nature of basic education
A municipality violated a teacher’s freedom of speech
The regulations of the University of Tampere are not unlawful
Head teacher’s freedom of speech violated by a city official
Hearing children about school holiday times
May fee-paying music school activities be organised at a day-care centre?
Is the applicants' legal protection secured in the electronic pre-selection examination of polytechnics?
A reprimand to the Finnish National Board of Education for Hymn Quiz arrangements in comprehensive schools
Deputy-Ombudsman: Faculty of Medicine at Helsinki University favours students with advanced syllabus in Swedish
A municipality must provide basic education for all children living there
Research centre violated two of its researcher's freedom of speech
Education authority can pay compensation for comprehensive school pupil's missing shoes for reasons of fairness
University of Helsinki's specialist dentist training is contrary to Decree
Turku Vocational Institute bans use of body piercing jewellery
School's intoxicant-free programme places pupils in unequal positions
Mould-infested schools have not been renovated with sufficient determination