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Deficiencies in arrangements for advance voting and voting at special advance voting facilities found in unannounced inspections
Wheelchair-accessible voting is becoming more common
Serious deficiencies in accessibility - polling stations were not accessible for wheelchairs
Parking supervisor's decision was not based on due consideration
Deficiencies still found in securing the secrecy of the polls - Parliamentary Ombudsman carried out surprise inspections at advance polling stations
Deputy Ombudsman Maija Sakslin criticises two cities for their procedures for processing claims for damages
City of Vantaa violated graffiti artists' freedom of speech
Deficiencies in securing the secrecy of the polls
A teacher's freedom of speech was violated by the municipality
Shortcomings in accessibility and protecting the secrecy of the ballot
Deputy-Ombudsman reprehends ARA on two accounts
Bn on taking snus at workplaces not founded in an act
Helsinki Art Museum's directors impartiality was jeopardised in preparatory work for Guggenheim project
A municipality's services must safeguard fundamental rights
Economic reasons do not lessen a municipality's responsibility
Council decision on smoking by personnel was implemented unlawfully
Helsinki provides additional night shelters for homeless
Kokkola acted incorrectly in supporting the campaign of some candidates in the 2007 general election
Recruitement ban imposed by city of Tampere was contrary to equal treatment and non-discrimination
Parking supervisors do not have official badges, although these have been required since as long ago as 1970
Ombudsman rebukes minister for recusability
The right to supervise parking can not be given to private persons
Municipal parking supervision may be entrusted only to a municipal office holder