Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2017 .

The rights and status of the victims of human trafficking to be strengthened through legal amendments
Human dignity of disabled person violated in a psychiatric ward
National Bureau of Investigation criticised for statement
Deputy Ombudsman Pölönen criticises the procedures of municipalities in directing people to rehabilitative work activities
Cage beds must be abandoned in care of disabled people
Parking supervisor's decision was not based on due consideration
Evaluating what is in the child’s interests in cases involving foreign nationals
Shortcomings in relation to access to information for relatives involved in the care of elderly persons
Backlog in processing of demands for rectification by Kela
Radon measurements of public facilities require improvement
False information provided to Parliamentary Ombudsman – prison director and assistant director committed an offence
Placement of prisoners in unfurnished cells
Hearing children about school holiday times
Mikko Sarja appointed as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
Deputy Ombudsman Maija Sakslin criticises two cities for their procedures for processing claims for damages
What type of healthcare expenses can basic social assistance be granted for?
Considerable improvement in the operation of Mikkeli Prison
Severe delays in Kela's telephone service
Parliamentary Ombudsman issues a proposal for redress to Kela
Deficiencies in securing the secrecy of the polls
Kela reprimanded for delaying social assistance processing
Legal protection tested by recent Kela matters
Nearly 5,000 complaints received again by the Ombudsman