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Jari Råman appointed as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
Parliamentary Ombudsman submitted Annual Report 2022 to Deputy Speaker of Parliament  
Upcoming change in the division of duties between the supreme overseers of legality 
The Human Rights Centre and the Finnish National Human Rights Institution 10 years – work for fundamental and human rights and the rule of law more important than ever
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives again record number of complaints
Petri Jääskeläinen continues as Ombudsman
Self-assessment tool for operators providing special care for persons with intellectual disabilities
Mikko Sarja continues as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2020 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
Deputy Ombudsman Pölönen: Senate Properties’ position as a state monopoly lessor is not based on law
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives record number of complaints in 2020
Matti Marttunen nominated as Secretary General of the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
National Police Board interpreted assembly restrictions too broadly
Criminal proceedings of offences against children should be prescribed urgent in law
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives a large number of complaints related to the state of emergency
The Parliamentary Ombudsman has nominated a new Human Rights Delegation
Restrictions to the customer service provided by the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
Celebrating 100 years of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
Record number of complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsman in 2019
‘A status’ has again been awarded to the Finnish National Human Rights Institution
The Deputy-Ombudsman is investigating Senate Properties’ monopoly position as the lessor to the Finnish government
Sirpa Rautio to continue as Director of the Human Rights Centre
National languages are not treated equally on the new badges of security authorities
The reassessment of the stauts of the national human rights institution of Finland has begun
Jari Pirjola elected as a member of CTP
Parliamentary Ombudsman and Human Rights Centre to continue enhancing the enforcement of the rights of elderly people
Ombudsman received over 5,500 complaints in 2018
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2017 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of the Parliament
The Population Register Centre neglected the rights of the Sami
Mikko Sarja appointed as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman
Parliamentary Ombudsman: Prime Minister was not disqualified in the Terrafame matter
Nearly 5,000 complaints received again by the Ombudsman
A reprimand to the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory for their telephone advice in violation of the law
A reprimand issued to the ministry of finance for the treatment of a journalist
Parliamentary ombudsman submitted his annual report 2015 to speaker of parliament
Functional review of the Cypriot Ombudsman by the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman
Potential gifts should be anticipated whne preparing for ministerial visits
Upward trend in complaints broken - number of inspections increased