Press releases

Content with Year case was opened 2019 .

Insurance claim investigations should be regulated by law
Deputy Ombudsman Pölönen: Senate Properties’ position as a state monopoly lessor is not based on law
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin gave decisions on child protection
Shortcomings endangering pupils’ legal protection in municipal decision-making
Names of Government projects must be given in national languages
Non-discrimination must be ensured for persons with disabilities when arranging matriculation examinations
Detective Sergeant reprimanded over several irregularities
The preventive powers of the police should be assessed
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2019 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
The Deputy-Ombudsman is investigating Senate Properties’ monopoly position as the lessor to the Finnish government
No-Harm Center given names in Finland’s national languages
Forbidding smoking in cells at Helsinki Prison
Several investigated complaints about children who have been taken into care led to measures
Pre-trial investigations concerning children to be conducted without delay
The Deputy-Ombudsman to investigate shortcomings in the Sakari system
Serious deficiencies in accessibility - polling stations were not accessible for wheelchairs
Deputy-Ombudsman to investigate discriminatory service housing charges