The Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland


The Ombudsman provides oversight to ensure that public authorities and officials observe the law and fulfil their du­ties in the discharge of their functions.

There are also two Deputy-Ombudsmen, who act independently and with the same authority as the Ombudsman. In addition to authorities and officials, the scope of oversight also includes other parties performing public functions.

The aim is to ensure good administration and the observance of constitutional and human rights.

From the 1st of January 2010 the Parliamentary Ombudsman is Mr. Petri Jääskeläinen, Doctor of Laws, LL.M.

The Deputy-Ombudsmen are Ms. Maija Sakslin, Licentiate of Laws and Mr. Pasi Pölönen, Doctor of Laws.

The Ombudsman and the Deputy-Ombudsmen are elected for four-year terms, which may be renewed, by the Eduskunta, the parliament of Finland.

The Ombudsman provides the Eduskunta with an annual report on activities and observations in the preceding year.