How does the Ombudsman investigate a complaint?

The Ombudsman will investigate a complaint if there is reason to suspect unlawful conduct or neglect of duty by an official.

Investigation is initiated

An expert immediately studies the complaint carefully. If, on this basis, there is reason to suspect that an authority has acted illegally or neglected a duty, the Ombudsman initiates an investigation.

During this investigation, the Ombudsman gives the official or authority concerned a hearing and requests studies and submissions. The Ombudsman can obtain additional reports by ordering investigators  to conduct enquiries. If necessary, the Ombudsman can ask the police to help by investigating a matter.


Complaint documents are generally public. However, the law requires that information concerning, for example, a complainant's state of health or social benefits be kept secret.
The name of the complainant becomes known to the subject of the complaint when the latter is given the opportunity to present his or her view of the matter.