Press releases

Parliamentary Ombudsman and Human Rights Centre to continue enhancing the enforcement of the rights of elderly people

More supervision from the Parliament of Finland

The Parliament of Finland has increased the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s budget for enforcing and promoting the rights of elderly people by EUR 250,000. The money has been spent on hiring two new experts specialising in the rights of the elderly. 

More inspections

The additional resources will be used to increase supervision on the care, nurture and respectful treatment of elderly people especially in residential 24-hour care facilities and institutions. Units specialising in the care of elderly people with complex health issues will also be inspected. 
Other control priorities include access to as well as the adequacy and quality of, home-based care.

Better follow-up on malpractice reports 

Inspections will continue to focus on how staff have been instructed to report inadequacies in care, how these reports are processed and how whistle-blowers are protected. 
More public awareness about the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s complaints procedure
In order to promote the rights of the elderly, more information will be published about the authorities that elderly people, their relatives and other people can contact the Ombudsman if they notice inadequacies in care, maltreatment or abuse. 

More stringent oversight of supervisory authorities 

The inspections carried out by the supreme overseers of legality are designed to ensure the proper and respectful treatment of elderly people. The inspections also produce information on how local authorities, Regional State Administrative Agencies and the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health have carried out their supervisory duties.  

More interdisciplinary cooperation

The efficiency of controls will be improved by increasing cooperation with external experts in order to target inspections more effectively and adopt more efficient methods. The Parliamentary Ombudsman will rely increasingly on external experts to carry out inspections.

Workshops will be held with the supervisory authorities, researchers and non-governmental organisations in order to develop more efficient supervision.

Parliamentary Ombudsman’s role in ensuring fundamental rights

The Parliamentary Ombudsman is responsible for ensuring that every elderly person receives the essential care and nurture to which they are entitled under the Constitution of Finland as well as adequate social welfare and health care services. The Parliamentary Ombudsman intends to adopt a more proactive approach in overseeing the legality of far-reaching structural solutions that are critical to ensuring the fundamental human rights of elderly people. 

Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Centre is responsible for enforcing the rights of elderly people and for promoting education and research relating to the rights of the elderly in cooperation with other organisations involved in the promotion of the rights of the elderly and associated research. The Human Rights Centre also publishes information relating to these topics.