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Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin proposes clarification of the Postal Act

Posti Oy handles the statutory notification of service procedure. In practice, its responsibility is limited to a small fraction of statutory notification of service consignments. Moreover, the limitation of this obligation appears to be largely based on Posti’s own interpretation of the meaning of the Postal Act. Deputy-Ombudsman Maija Sakslin considers this situation to be unsatisfactory. The Deputy-Ombudsman asks the Ministry of Transport and Communications to consider how the Postal Act might be further clarified, or by what other means the appropriateness of the statutory notification of service procedure can be ensured. 

On the basis of a complaint, the Deputy-Ombudsman conducted a more general examination of the status of the universal postal service and monitoring of the implementation of the universal service. She also investigated the handling of the statutory notification of service procedure and the safeguarding of confidential communications within Posti’s operations.   

The Deputy-Ombudsman states that no developments have occurred in the status of the universal postal service or the monitoring of its implementation that would warrant her intervention. Furthermore, the Deputy-Ombudsman states that no matters have arisen which would give her cause to suspect that the delivery of letters relating to the statutory notification of service procedure is not currently guaranteed at a general level.
Posti’s universal service obligation covers letters up to 2 kilograms paid for by postage stamp or other cash payment methods, and packages sent abroad that weigh up to 10kg. 

Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin’s decision EOAK/2959/2017 is available in its entirety, in Finnish, on the Ombudsman’s website at

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