Press releases

Upcoming change in the division of duties between the supreme overseers of legality 
A reprimand from the Ombudsman to the National Police Board 
The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2021 Annual Report presented to the Speaker of Parliament
FinnHems Oy’s medical helicopter operations should be regulated by law 
Delays in passport and identity card applications may compromise the realisation of fundamental rights
Children’s right to early childhood education and care must be safeguarded equally 
Jari Råman appointed Secretary General of the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
Underaged prisoners and their possibilities of attending school and studying
The Human Rights Centre and the Finnish National Human Rights Institution 10 years – work for fundamental and human rights and the rule of law more important than ever
Parliamentary Ombudsman receives again record number of complaints
Getting an appointment with the child welfare supervisor took too long: Deputy-Ombudsman issued a reprimand and proposed recompense
Deputy-Ombudsman Sakslin: shortcomings in treating pain patients
Older people living at home do not always receive the services they need from municipalities
Backlog in processing sickness allowance matters in Kela
Petri Jääskeläinen continues as Ombudsman
Self-assessment tool for operators providing special care for persons with intellectual disabilities
Long processing times in the Tax Administration in claims for a revised decision concerning income taxation of individual customer
Mikko Sarja continues as substitute for Deputy-Ombudsman