Division of labour between the Ombudsman and the Deputy-Ombudsmen from 1 September 2018

Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen decides on matters concerning:

  • the highest organs of state
  • questions involving important principles
  • the police and non-military national service 
  • public prosecutor
  • supervision of the interests of another party, trusteeship
  • language legislation
  • asylun and immigration
  • the rights of persons with disabilities
  • oversight of covert intelligence gathering
  • the coordination of the tasks of the National Preventive Mechanism against Torture and reports relating to its work
  • statements for the Ministry of Justice’s Administrative Branch

Deputy-Ombudsman Maija Sakslin decides on matters concerning:

  • social welfare
  • children´s rights
  • elderly people´s rights
  • health care
  • regional and local government
  • the autonomy of Åland
  • taxation
  • traffic and communications
  • environment
  • agriculture and forestry
  • Samí affairs
  • customs
  • church affairs

Deputy-Ombudsman Pasi Pölönen decides on matters concerning:

  • courts, judicial administration and public legal aid
  • the Office of the Prosecutor General
  • the prison service and execution of sentences
  • distraint, bankruptcy and debt arrangements 
  • social insurance
  • social assistance
  • early childhood, education, science and culture
  • work administration
  • unemployment security
  • Defence Forces and Border Guard 
  • data protection, data management and telecommunications