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Deputy-Ombudsman Maija Sakslin

sakslin-2013Licentiate in Laws Maija Sakslin is the Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman since 2010.

In the plenum on 4 March 2014 the Parliament elected jur.lic. Sakslin for the second term which begins on 1 of April 2014 and will run till 31 March 2018.
Her first term run from 1 of April 2010 until 30 March 2014.

Deputy-Ombudsman Maija Sakslin's duties include attending to cases concerning:
  • social welfare
  • local government
  • Defence Forces
  • enforcement, distraint
  • agriculture and forestry
  • the rights of the child , early childhood education
  • taxation
  • Sàmi affairs
  • customs
  • environmental administration
  • traffic and communication
  • religious communities

Ombudsman Sakslin acted as a Chairperson of the Management Board of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) during 2012 - 2015. She was member of the Board during 2010-2015.
Ms. Sakslin has worked as a legal researcher at the Social Insurance Institution Kela since 1999.

Before that she was a researcher at Kela's research and development unit and at the Institution of International Economic Law at the University of Helsinki and as a project head in the secretariat of Kela.

In 1997-98 she served three fixed-length stints as a legal adviser in the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

In addition, she has numerous expert tasks relating especially to constitutional questions and social security in Finnish and European working groups and research projects.

The special concentration in her research has been on fundamental and human rights and the division of powers between the EU and its Member States.


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